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PIDDLE BEER PIDDLE BEER Crafted beside the River Piddle in deepest Dorset,
for people who take beer seriously (but not life)


With a name like Piddle, you’d think that we don’t take anything seriously, but, we do – brewing.


Our passion is blending hops, barley and malts to create ales that bring serious pleasure, from delicate thirst-quenchers to thick, velvety stouts.


A match made in heaven – or in our case Piddlehinton in deepest Dorset.



You can’t spend every night in a pub (well you could but you might not be that popular). To help, we sell the entire Piddle range in bottles so you can interface with your favourite hop-based beverages on picnics, at home, or even while you’re still in the pub.



We supply a wide range of Piddle beers in Kegs.



If we make four traditional cask beers all year round, four seasonal cask beers, and four monthly beers, what would be the highest number of different Piddles you could enjoy on one night? (If you can’t be bothered to work that out, you’re probably our kind of beer drinker).



Everyone loves a Piddle and where better than to have one at a local event. We're hoping to be able to attend many events during 2021. More to follow.


Piddle Beers, Lagers & Ciders

Available in Bottles, Kegs, Casks & Bag in Box

Bottle, Keg, Cask & BiB

Premium Ale. 4.1%


Bottle, Keg, Cask & BiB

Dorset IPA. 4.3%

Dorset Rogue

Bottle, Keg, Cask & BiB

Best Bitter. 3.9%

Summer Luvin'

Bottle, Keg, Cask & BiB

Extra Pale Hoppy Ale. 4.2%


Bottle, Cask & BiB

Strong Blonde Beer. 4.9%

Coal Porter

Bottle & BiB

London Style Porter. 4.5%

Glutten Free

Bottle & BiB

Cocky Hoppy Beer. 4.3%


Bottle & BiB

Dorset Lager

Breakin' Wave

Bottle, Keg & BiB

Pilsner Lager

Mad Hare

Cask & BiB

American Style IPA. 4.5%

April Showers

Cask & BiB

Fruity Blonde. 4.2%

Bent Copper

Cask & BiB

Malty ESB. 4.5%

Captain Swing

Cask & BiB

Dark Ruby Beer. 4.5%

Uncle Sam

Cask & BiB

Red Rye IPA. 4.5%

Stocking Filler

Bottle, Cask & BiB

Dark Ruby Beer. 4.5%

Ciddle Middle

Bottle & Keg

Cider. 4.5%

Ciddle Dry


Cider. 4.5%

2021 Events Coming soon...

Events to be confirmed, subject to Covid restrictions